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Whereas on my preconception journey I’ve actually began to be extra aware of my p…

Whereas on my preconception journey I’ve actually began to be extra aware of my protein consumption. Protein just isn’t one thing I ever take note of as I do know I get sufficient simply by consuming entire plant meals however studying in regards to the elevated wants of protein in being pregnant has made me extra conscious of little methods to spice up protein consumption in my meals. currently I’m including cashews to my silken tofu yogurt for additional protein and fats and I adore it! It’s extra satiating and the feel is creamier too. I really like the cashew tofu mixture as a result of each are good sources of the amino acid tryptophan which is required to construct the neurotransmitter serotonin and melatonin. Tryptophan is claimed to be probably the most beneath consumed amino acid of all. Though I discuss diet for hormone well being, the reality is that our hormones are merely an extension of our nervous system and it’s fairly laborious to have balanced hormones if our neurotransmitters are out of kinds.

Right here is my vegan nectarine yogurt pots. They’ve an incredible steadiness of protein fat and carbs for secure blood sugar and loaded with tryptophan for a secure temper (we’ve got these as dessert however an even bigger portion would work nice as a breakfast yogurt bowl)

three frozen nectarines (recent work too however frozen makes it style like ice cream)
1 300g packet silken tofu
2 tbsp maple syrup
1/three cup uncooked cashews
Drop vanilla

Mix and serve. Topped mine with crushed chocolate biscuit from a failed cooking experiment and cherries

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  1. These look fantastic – are you pregnant? Or just giving advice for those who are? I wish I could save this to 2 folders 😂🥰

  2. Nevermind! I take it back, I forgot that you’ve always done food like this!!! Now that I’m trying, I’ll get SO much more out of your posts!!!💓💓💓💓 thank you! 😘

  3. Well it’s not a failed biscuit, it’s a crunchy biscuit meant to cover mousse, yogurt etc

  4. Was just learning about increased protein requirements in pregnancy yesterday too😊 I’m going to try this recipe for sure ❤ saved the post!

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