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Thought it was time to replace the images to one among my common meals.. scram…

Thought it was time to replace the images to one among my common meals.. scrambled tofu! I’ve had some fairly horrible scrambled tofu earlier than and I’m certain a lot of you’ve as effectively however this recipe has been tried by fairly a number of of the individuals I do know and it has transformed all of them ! Easy and straightforward. These days I’m additionally including a small pinch of kelp flakes to my meal for a xtra iodine. Iodine is a mineral that may be very straightforward to be poor in , it doesn’t matter what food regimen you’ve and it’s so vital for thyroid well being, menstrual cycle well being and cyclic breast ache. Additionally postpartum ladies are notably in danger for getting low iodine which is why there’s a large enhance probability of getting low thyroid submit child. Tiny pinch of kelp flakes provides you all want. I favor getting iodine from meals over dietary supplements as a result of 1. I can’t tolerate dietary supplements 2. An excessive amount of iodine is just not good for thyroid.
Up to date recipe is on the weblog now! Hyperlink is in bio 💛

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  1. Smart!!! I used to use a liquid iodine supplement last year but wasn’t the fan of the stuff it was diluted in. I’ll definitely pick up some kelp flakes next time when I am at the grocery store 🤗

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