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Simply completed listening to essentially the most empowering podcast about how the feminine physique…

Simply completed listening to essentially the most empowering podcast about how the feminine physique works and it made me publish this text that I’ve had half written on my weblog for some time. It’s troublesome to speak about hormone imbalance when there’s a basic lack of expertise concerning the feminine menstrual cycle and the way it makes us really feel. There’s a big lack of training concerning the feminine physique however as girls we need to understand how our physique’s work in order that we will work with our our bodies not in opposition to them. Additionally gonna take this chance to shout out my buddy brightgirlhealth she has an superior e-book and laborious copy e-book all about this that goes into much more element over the menstrual cycle.

In the event you really feel like you don’t have any concept the place to start out in understanding your hormones as a lady, begin right here. Understanding the menstrual cycle is essential at serving to to determine underlying hormone imbalances as a result of our hormones work in a cyclical method. Following my rhythm is how I recognized my points when no different physician or practitioner had a clue. Hyperlink is in bio

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  2. Thank you for this powerful message! It is suuch an important topic and so many women don’t realize it. It is also sometimes difficult to ask the doctor or practitioner when you actually don’t know the right questions… I hope your message will reach lots of women out there! 💪

  3. I absolutely love your page!!! Check us out- I think we would vibe well 💯😍♥️❤️⭐️

  4. This is something I am trying to do at the moment, there is so much more to our periods that I ever knew! I feel the effects of them so much more now in my 30s then my 20s and feel I suffer for a good 2 weeks with pre and post symptoms! What was the podcast you listened too? ❤️

  5. @beaniesuds32 I listened to a few yesterday but healing hormones had one that I really enjoyed yesterday with Alissa Viti. Period party is also great, as a woman podcast… I listen to quite a few haha. They teach me a lot. I’m sorry things are getting worse, with time and knowledge I’m confident our bodies can balance 💛

  6. Definitely reading this as I came off the pill 2 months ago, so grateful you shared 😘😘

  7. Very well written and very helpful to understand your body and moods-energy and use this information for healing or supporting your own body.

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